This is a frequently asked question.  In evaluating your relationship, consider how you feel in day-to-day being together.  On the whole, is it a source of affection, understanding, and appreciation, that is expressed in ways both partners can receive?  Do we feel emotionally safe, in revealing ourselves to each other, so that the bond of trust and intimacy may grow?  How do we handle the inevitable differences couples have, that can lead to conflict and misunderstanding?

In examining these questions, also notice if these differences escalate to arguments, that may go unresolved, create emotional distance between partners, and can fuel increased frustration, hurt, anger, confusion, and unhappiness.  The relationship can feel “stuck” when at this point.  These patterns of interaction are like a dance we do automatically, when the familiar “music” of our communication together begins.

Couples Therapy can help identify patterns in communication and interaction that sabotage experiencing the love and intimacy you want in your relationship.  Couples Therapy can help you learn and practice new ways of interacting, that help you resolve issues and create emotional safety, that is the basis for resilient partner connection over time.  This can allow you to create together, more of what you consciously desire to have in your relationship.

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