This meditation can be used alone or with a partner present. It can be very healing at times when we feel emotionally distant.

Start with a few deep breaths, slow down, and feel the sensations in the body; just be present to what is happening now. No judgement of what is. Just awareness unfolding in the moment. Breath. Sensations. Presence. Now. When ready, visualize an image of a positive, loving energy/feeling flowing from you to your partner, wherever your partner might be at the moment. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It can look like a ray or beam of loving light, coming from your heart to your partner’s heart. It can be a beautiful thought, from your mind to your partner’s mind. Just trust the image and sensations that come to you, and the intention that they be given and received in the highest love, for the highest good. See your partner receiving this, and happily taking in this gift from you. Allow this loving energy/feeling to build to a point of happiness and joy in you, the full experiencing of the love you share. Be present to it in the now moment. Let all of your senses engage this, and feel the power of this bond you have co-created. Feel gratitude and deep compassion for all that this relationship has brought to your life, your learning, your growth, and your journey.

When ready, let yourself return to awareness of your environment. Take as much time as you like with this.

It can be great to do as an energizer together or during time apart.

With best wishes,

Sid Greenberg

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