The Ann Arbor Couples Clinic is for you if…You and your partner keep circling around the same few issues with no progress. Arguments flare up dangerously or result in cold withdrawal. Your conflict conversations get stalled with no resolution. You feel distant and afraid that you don’t love each other like you used to. One of you has had an affair. Your sex life has faded.

I believe that you are seeking Couples Therapy, not because there is something wrong with you as individuals, but because you are feeling deprived and ineffective in getting what you need.

In trying to get what you need from each other, you may have suppressed important thoughts and feelings or become hypercritical, thus provoking your partner’s defensiveness. In either case, communication of needs is distorted and has to be clarified.

Efforts to clarify communication can reveal vicious cycles or stalemated interaction. Our therapy acts to break up the gridlock and open up dialogue on how your respective positions are mutually depriving and frustrating.

My therapy is grounded in the here and now. Personal history is informative, but what counts is how you act today and tomorrow. I am very active in therapy, making suggestions, giving advice, and assigning homework. I want you to learn practical tools and techniques that you can use to make immediate and long-lasting improvements in your relationship.